A New Technique for Aesthetic Labia Minora Reduction

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A new technique has been developed to reduce the labia minora yet maintain the normal labial edge and color. Labia minora enlargement can be congenital or acquired by chronic irritation, exogenous androgenic hormones, and stretching with weights. This can cause inflammation, poor hygiene, interference with sexual intercourse, or intermittent urinary self-catheterization. Aesthetically, asymmetrical or enlarged labia minora causes self-consciousness sexually and when the subject wears tight pants. Previously labia minora reduction was performed by amputation of the protuberant segment and oversewing the edge. Now, rather than amputation, a wedge of protuberant labial tissue is excised and the labial edges are reapproximated. Four patients have undergone this aesthetic procedure with excellent results. No complications occurred. The new technique is relatively simple and can greatly enhance the patient's confidence.

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