Treatment of Facial Angiofibromas of Tuberous Sclerosis by Shave Excision and Dermabrasion in a Dark-Skinned Patient

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Tuberous sclerosis is an inherited disease expressed clinically by the triad of mental retardation, seizures, and tuberous lesions. Facial angiofibromas, a common manifestation of tuberous sclerosis, can cause considerable cosmetic disfigurement, emotional distress, obstruction of vision, and hemorrhage. Treatment by shave excision, as the first step to remove the larger nodules, followed by dermabrasion, to smooth and sculpt the final surface, has been recommended as the most effective form of therapy. However, this method of treatment raises the question of risk for development of hypopigmentation in susceptible patients. The authors present their treatment of angiofibromas with shave excision and dermabrasion in a dark-skinned patient.

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