An Alternative Technique for Microsurgically Unreplantable Fingertip Amputations

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Reattachment of the amputated fingertips as composite grafts has been performed for distal levels in children, with high rates of good outcome, but the majority of the reports emphasized that this procedure had success rates only up to 50% in adults. Several techniques to enhance composite graft take in adults have been defined. In this study, a technique to enhance nonmicrosurgical replantation of amputated fingertips as composite grafts is presented.

Twenty-three patients were treated with this technique, 20 of which were adults. An area of skin on the amputation margin of the stump was deepithelized, and the amputated part was defatted to reattach the piece as a cap composite graft and to increase the contact area. The patients were evaluated after the operations regarding functional and esthetic outcome.

Success rates of 86.95% in total and 85% in adults were achieved, with acceptable sensibility (with a mean value of 7.26 mm for the 2-point discrimination), minimal shortening (a mean value of 6.80 mm), and satisfactory esthetic outcome using this technique.

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