Nipple Reconstruction With C-V Flap Using Dermofat Graft

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Aesthetically satisfying nipple restoration plays an important role in postmastectomy breast reconstruction. Many techniques, such as the skate flap, star flap, C-V flap, S-flap, and double-opposing tab flaps are currently employed in nipple reconstruction. Recent additions to the repertoire of nipple reconstruction include a spiral flap made of residual scar tissue and tissue engineering. These last 2 procedures have an added advantage of minimizing donor-site morbidity. The ideal method for nipple reconstruction would maintain long-term nipple projection, texture, color, and shape and have minimal donor-site morbidity. Despite the plethora of techniques available, a simple and reliable method that maintains nipple projection remains elusive. In this paper, we outline a simple technique that maintains long-term nipple projection. To this end, we have performed local C-V flaps augmented with autologous dermofat grafts harvested from excised breast tissues during breast mound revision.

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