Penis Allotransplantation Model in the Rat

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In this study we present the first experimental vascularized penile allogenic transplantation model in the rat. In group 1 (n = 6), the vascular anatomy of the male rat perineal region was determined. In 12 Lewis rats of group 2 (n = 24), the penile composite graft was transplanted as isotransplant by microvascular anastomosis of the pedicle of the penis to the saphenous vessels and in another 12 Lewis rats of group 2, penile composite graft was transplanted without vascular anastomosis. In group 3 (n = 12), penis composite graft was transplanted from 6 Lewis-Brown-Norway donors to 6 Lewis recipients under CsA immunosuppression.

Direct observation, somatosensory evoked potential test, histologic examination and microangiography were used to assess the viability of the transplants. All vascularized isotransplants and allotransplants survived over 200 days (still under observation) whereas all the nonvascularized grafts were necrosed at 7 days posttransplant.

In this study the new penile allograft transplantation model in the rat was developed and a new method of blood supply to a vascularized composite tissue with directly artery-to-corpus spongiosum anastomosis was introduced.

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