Suture Suspension Technique for Midface and Neck Rejuvenation

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Seventeen patients averaging 51 years of age underwent 23 surgical procedures, including suture suspension for both midface and neck rejuvenations. A 3/0 polypropylene thread with bioabsorbable cones with multiple point fixations in addition to 2 × 0.5-cm polypropylene surgical mesh are used in this technique. The mean postoperative, follow-up time was 9 months. Of the 17 patients, 12 underwent this procedure for midface rejuvenations, 3 for facial palsy, 5 for neck aesthetic procedures, 2 for brow ptosis, and 1 for brow asymmetry. The average number of sutures used for each face was 4 and 2 were used for each neck. The authors present an anatomic study for the safe placement of sutures, the surgical technique, and a microscopic photo documentation of the fibrosis around the suture knot and cone. All patients developed temporary edema. Two patients had a moderate aesthetic improvement of the face, and 1 patient underwent resuspension of the sutures 4 months postsurgery. Overall early patient satisfaction at 9 months was 90%. This technique has the potential to be a useful and effective clinical tool for minimally invasive face and neck rejuvenations.

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