An Inferolateral Approach to Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy: Optimizing Mastectomy and Reconstruction

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An increasing number of women presenting with early stage breast cancer or a strong family history are choosing mastectomy as a therapeutic or prophylactic treatment option. In these selected patients, conservation of the nipple areolar complex is considered to improve cosmesis and body image. Incision placement is an important consideration in breast appearance after surgery. Functionally, the incision must allow adequate access for mastectomy and implant positioning. In addition, preservation of blood supply is critical to maintain a viable nipple. This article describes an inferolateral curvilinear incision on the breast mound, which can be designed de novo or as an extension of a preexisting lateral scar. The incision allows adequate access and hides the scar on anterior view, thus optimizing both the mastectomy and reconstruction. In patients with a preexisting lateral scar, this may be the incision of choice.

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