Prognostic Factors in Gastric Stump Carcinoma

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ObjectiveTo compare prognostic results in patients with gastric stump cancer (GSC) versus those with primary gastric cancer (PGC).Summary Background DataGastric stump carcinomas have often been described as having low resectability rates and a poor prognosis.MethodsResults of surgical treatment of 50 patients with GSC were compared with that of 516 patients with PGC.ResultsThe resectability rate was 94% for GSC patients and 96.5% for PGC patients, without significant differences in terms of postoperative complications, death rate, and median survival time (31.6 vs. 32.9 months). The multivariate analysis showed an independent prognostic effect for R0 resection, pT1 and pT2 category, and age older than 65 years.ConclusionThe prognosis after resection and adequate lymphadenectomy does not differ between patients with GSC and PGC.

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