Real Time Intraoperative Confocal Laser Microscopy-Guided Surgery

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Objective:To assess the potential utility of in vivo histologic surface and subsurface imaging in real-time using the Optiscan confocal laser microscope to detect diseased tissue at the time of surgery.Summary Background Data:The goal of surgical treatment of diseases such as cancer is complete microscopic resection of diseased tissue; however, current methods for the assessment of extent of disease at the time of surgery are inadequate.Methods:We assessed the potential of the Optiscan confocal laser microscope, a new device developed for real-time in vivo histologic surface and subsurface imaging during surgery.Results:Intravenous Fluorescein Sodium contrast enabled visualization of cellular and architectural morphology of intra-abdominal organs with magnification equivalent to light microscopy and enabled differentiation between normal organs and disease.Conclusions:Real time intraoperative confocal microscopy has significant potential application in detecting disease, and influencing decision-making at the time of surgery.

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