Modulating Portal Hemodynamics With Vascular Ring Allows Efficient Regeneration After Partial Hepatectomy in a Porcine Model

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To investigate safety and efficacy of temporary portal hemodynamics modulation with a novel percutaneously adjustable vascular ring (MID-AVR) onto a porcine model of 75% hepatectomy.


Postoperative liver failure is a leading cause of mortality after major hepatectomy. Portal flow modulation is an increasingly accepted concept to prevent postoperative liver failure. Nonetheless, the current strategies have shortcomings.


Resection was performed under hemodynamic monitoring in 17 large, white pigs allocated into 2 groups. Eight pigs had ring around the portal vein for 3 days with the aim of reducing changes in hemodynamics due to hepatectomy. Analysis of hemodynamics, laboratory, and histopathological parameters was performed.


Percutaneous inflation, deflation, and removal of the MID-AVR were safe. Two (25%) pigs in the MID-AVR group and 4 (45%) controls died before day 3 (P = NS). A moderate increase of portal flow rate per liver mass after resection was associated with better survival (P = 0.017). The portocaval pressure gradient was lower after hepatectomy in the MID-AVR group (P = 0.001). Postoperative serum bilirubin levels were lower in the MID-AVR group (P = 0.007 at day 5). In the MID-AVR group, the Ki67 index was significantly higher on day 3 (P = 0.043) and the architectural derangement was lower (P < 0.05). Morphometric quantification of the bile canaliculi revealed a significantly lower number of intersection branches (P < 0.05) and intersection nodes (P < 0.001) on day 7 compared with the preoperative specimen, in the control group. These differences were not found in the ring group.


MID-AVR is safe for portal hemodynamics modulation. It might improve liver regeneration by protecting liver microarchitecture.

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