An Interactive Web-based Intervention for Persons With TBI and Their Families: Use and Evaluation by Female Significant Others

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ObjectiveTo assess the feasibility of providing in-home adjunctive and supportive services to persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their families via a Web site.DesignNineteen families were provided with access to the Web site intervention for 6 months. Those who needed it were provided with a computer and Internet service in their homes.ParticipantsAdult women who were the significant others of adult males with moderate-to-severe TBI.Main Outcome MeasureValue and ease of use of the Web site. Each participant's usage of the Web site was automatically tracked including each page visited, time of day, and time spent on the page.ResultsFemale significant others found the Web site to be valuable and easy to use, and used it throughout the 6-month period. The on-line support group was the most used and valued module.ConclusionsFamily caregivers will use Web-based interventions to help meet their needs for social support, information, and guidance following the return home of persons with TBI.

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