Potential of multiomics technology in precision medicine

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Purpose of reviewThe ‘precision medicine’ refers to the generation of identification and classification criteria for advanced taxonomy of patients, exploiting advanced models to infer optimized clinical decisions for each disease phenotype.Recent findingsThe current article reviews new advances in the past 18 months on the microbiomics science intended as new discipline contributing to advanced ‘precision medicine’. Recently published data highlight the importance of multidimensional data in the description of deep disease phenotypes, including microbiome and immune profiling, and support the efficacy of the systems medicine to better stratify patients, hence optimizing diagnostics, clinical management and response to treatments.SummaryThe articles referenced in this review help inform the reader on new decision-support systems that can be based on multiomics patients’ data including microbiome and immune profiling. These harmonized and integrated data can be elaborated by artificial intelligence to generate optimized diagnostic pipelines and clinical interventions.

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