Use of Groups in Pediatric Physical Therapy: Survey of Current Practices

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Purpose:This nationwide survey study aimed to examine the use of groups in pediatric physical therapy, including characteristics, effectiveness, and financial considerations of group intervention.Methods:Questionnaires were mailed to 500 randomly selected members of the American Physical Therapy Association Section on Pediatrics. Respondents reported on the characteristics of children typically included in group intervention, types of activities used, effectiveness at meeting goals, billing methods, and documentation practices.Results and conclusions:The response rate was 285 (57%). Only 41.4% of respondents reported using groups. Characteristics of group intervention were variable among respondents, and considerable differences in billing practices and perceived effectiveness were noted. Commonly reported characteristics included use of small groups of young children with developmental delay and use of task specific developmental activities. Perceived benefits and limitations of group intervention were also reported. Implications for further research into the use of groups were explored.

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