Preliminary Aquatic Physical Therapy Core Sets for Children and Youth With Neurological Disorders: A Consensus Process

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Purpose:To report on the preliminary aquatic physical therapy core sets for children and youth with neurological disorders using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health-children and youth version.Methods:A formal and structured consensus process was developed, integrating the findings of preparatory studies: a systematic literature review, expert survey with 69 participants, and a qualitative study with 43 participants.Results:Five preliminary aquatic physical therapy core sets were described: a Comprehensive Core Set (64 categories); a Common Brief (13 categories); and 3 age-specific Core Sets: infant (below 6 years, 18 categories), school-age (from 6 to <14 years, 22 categories), and youth (from 14 to 18 years, 19 categories).Conclusions:Consensus among aquatic physical therapists' expert opinions identified the relevant intervention categories available when treating children and youth with neurological disorders. This list of intervention categories can be used in practice, research, education, and health administration.

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