Patients' Perceptions of Experiences of Recovering From Acute Pancreatitis: An Interview Study

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The incidence of registered admissions in inpatient care with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis was 58 per 100,000 capita in Sweden during the year 2013. Although acute pancreatitis is a well-explored area, there is a demand for research from the patients' perceptions. The aim of this study was to describe patients' perceptions of recovering from acute pancreatitis. Data collection for this phenomenographical study included 16 individual semistructured interviews. Analysis was done according to the 7 steps suggested by Sjöström and Dahlgren (2002). Recovery after acute pancreatitis was perceived within 5 categories; a time of physical suffering, an emotional journey, challenges to the usual life and its good qualities, barriers and need for social support, and healthcare as an important factor. Physical and emotional symptoms influence recovery after acute pancreatitis by challenging the good things and things that are taken for granted in everyday life. Promoting factors toward good recovery was a proper support from the social network as well as healthcare providers.

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