Renal cell carcinoma

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Purpose of reviewThe recent contributions to renal cell carcinoma in the fields of molecular biology and the expanded use of molecularly targeted agents will be reviewed. This study is intended to update prognostic and therapeutic decision-making data and provide perspective on advances in understanding the molecular biology of this disease.Recent findingsUpdates to the currently used prognostic algorithms for renal cell carcinoma are needed, and recently verified prognostic nomograms will be discussed. This comes in the wake of numerous advances in the use of molecularly targeted drugs, which will be reviewed. Finally, advancements in understanding the biology of renal cell carcinoma include the discovery of von Hippel–Lindau associated mechanisms involved in renal cyst formation and renewed appreciation for the influence of this pathway on the tumor cell glucose utilization profile.SummaryRenal cell carcinoma continues to evolve swiftly with the approval of new agents and the maturation of clinical trials to provide relevant structure to treatment decisions. This study will give an overview of the latest concepts in the epidemiology and biology of renal cell carcinoma and provide current surgical and systemic updates for managing renal cell carcinoma.

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