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Environmental odours are emerging as a source of concern for residents living in close proximity to odour emitting industries in Australia. In the Sydney metropolitan area there is potential for environmental odours to cause increasing problems for residents, as increasing amounts of land are released for residential development and inevitably some will be close to medium and heavy industry and agriculture. Land use conflicts in metropolitan areas are providing important challenges for government agencies and health is often called upon to provide guidance in situations where the land use conflict may have an adverse effect on the health of a community. This presentation will describe the experience of a community within a new residential development in outer Sydney that has been affected by environmental odours emitted from more than one source. A ‘health study’ has been conducted to determine the chronic effect of the odours on prevalence and frequency of self-reported symptoms lifestyle. Members of the affected community were randomly selected by household to participate in the study and compared to randomly selected members of a control community. Information was collected on odour annoyance, symptom prevalence and prevalence of lifestyle affects. The relationship between odour annoyance and health related symptoms will also be reported.

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