Diagnosis and Treatment of Orbit Posttraumatic Subperiosteal Hemorrhage in a Child, Associated with a Subdural Intracranial Hemorrhage

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We describe a rare case of traumatic subperiosteal orbital hematoma in a child, with intracranial hemorrhagic complication. Subperiosteal hematoma are the more infrequent occurrences among intraorbital hemorrhagic lesions and can be also associated with intracranial extradural hematoma in patients with orbital roof fracture. Here, we describe a case without roof fracture but with a never-before described intracranial subdural hematoma. The patient underwent computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, in an acute state, and later, a radiologic diagnosis of percutaneous drainage of the hematoma was mad. MRI was more sensitive and specific in the evaluation of the intracranial and intraorbital complication.

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