Treatment of Frontal Sinus Fracture Using Bioabsorbable Mesh Plates

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Accurate reduction and stable fixation are important in the treatment of frontal sinus fracture. Usually, metal plates and screws were used because of easy handling and delicate fixation. However, palpability and possibility for secondary operation for plate removal were shortcomings. For improving these problems, we used absorbable mesh plate for fixation of reduced frontal bones.In this study, 14 patients with frontal sinus fracture were treated by open reduction and rigid fixation using absorbable mesh plates. Mean follow-up period was 17.6 months. Considering anterior and posterior table involvement, nasofrontal duct injury, and concomitant neurosurgical problems, additional surgical procedures including degloving sinus mucosa, cranialization, and obliteration of nasofrontal duct were also conducted.There was no remarkable early and late postoperative complication. Aesthetic results were also satisfactory. Absorbable mesh plates were easy to mold and convenient for screw fixation. Moreover, there was no necessity of secondary operation for removal of plates.We believe that absorbable mesh plates might be a useful material for fixation instead of metal plates and screws especially in mild to moderate degree of frontal bone fractures.

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