Intraoral Approach for Removal of Large Sialolith in Submandibular Gland

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Sialolithiasis is a benign pathology that occurs most frequently in the submandibular salivary gland due to its anatomic features. Depending on the size and degree of calcification, a sialolith can be visible in radiographic examinations. Patients commonly experience pain and/or edema when the ducts are obstructed. The authors report two cases of sialolithiasis of the submandibular gland after searching for the source of swelling in the submandibular region. The diagnosis was confirmed by clinical and tomographic examinations. Despite the considerable size of the sialoliths, treatment consisted of the removal of the calcified mass using an intraoral surgical approach. The prognosis is often good and there is generally no recurrence of the condition.

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