Statistical Analysis of Influences on the Psychosocial Status of Children With Hemangiomas and Their Families

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The psychologic stress on the child and family, which arise from hemangiomas, the most common neoplasm of childhood, cannot be overestimated. This study determined the preoperative and postoperative psychosocial status and variation among Oriental children with hemangiomas and their families by questionnaire. Thirty patients who underwent surgery for hemangiomas were assessed for preoperative and postoperative psychosocial status by questionnaire. The distribution of the total mean score and variation between the preoperative and postoperative status was estimated. Based on these results, the significance was statistically analyzed according to variable determinants. This study showed that hemangiomas have harmful effects on psychosocial status of patients and families. After corrective surgery, an improvement in psychosocial status was noted with respect to the self-esteem category or categories related to social activity, and in the following variables, women, face, and dissatisfaction with appearance. When the authors care for patients with hemangiomas and their families, the psychosocial health must be presumed to be at particular risk. Earlier surgical interventions with esthetic concerns have permitted the patient and family the opportunity to reduce the psychologic impact that the hemangioma may otherwise have.

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