Maxillary Corticotomies With Bone-to-Bone Retraction and Mandibular Segmental Osteotomy for Correcting an Anterior Double Protrusion

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Backgrounds:This article presents maxillary corticotomies with bone-to-bone retraction and anterior segmental osteotomy (ASO) as an alternative to 2-jaw orthognathics in the bimaxilary protrusion patient with partially anchylosed maxillary anterior tooth.Methods:The 18-year-old male, complaining of anterior protrusion, with a trauma history to the maxillary central incisor, and requesting rapid treatment, was treated with maxillary corticotomies in 2 stages and ASO in the mandible. The mandibular ASO and palatal corticotomy were done under local anesthesia and 2 weeks later, labial corticotomy followed. The anterior segment was retracted bodily using buccal C-tubes and a combination of the C-lingual retractor and palatal C-plate.Results:Due to a concern about ankylosis of the maxillary right central incisor, retraction of the anterior bone/tooth segment was chosen over any attempt to move teeth through the bone. After bone-to-bone retraction, the remaining extraction space was closed by protraction of posteriors. The total treatment period was 18 months. There was good retraction of the anterior segment and retrusion of the lips.Conclusions:A combination of maxillary corticotomies with skeletal anchorage for bone-to-bone retraction and a mandibular ASO under local anesthesia might be an alternative treatment option for excellent profile change in a short treatment period.

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