The effect of oral contraceptives on assisted reproductive technology cycles

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Purpose of reviewTo summarize the available data regarding the value of oral contraceptive pill addition in ovarian stimulation schemes used for in-vitro fertilization.Recent findingsIn agonists cycles, a decreased incidence of ovarian cyst formation is expected in patients pretreated with the oral contraceptive pill after gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist administration compared to those treated according to a long follicular protocol. In antagonist cycles, oral contraceptive pill pretreatment appears to be feasible and has been used for programming cycle initiation. Solid evidence regarding its effect on the probability of pregnancy is, however, currently lacking.SummaryThe optimal use of oral contraceptive pretreatment as well as its effect on in-vitro fertilization outcome have not yet been fully explored. The effect of oral contraceptive pill pretreatment is worth further investigation in properly designed trials.

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