Decreased brain infarct following focal ischemia in mice lacking the transcription factor E2F1

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E2F1+/+ mice subjected to 2 h middle cerebral artery occlusion developed an infarct of 77.0 ± 3.2 mm3 (mean ± s.e.m., n = 15) in the ischemic hemisphere after 24 h reperfusion. A significantly smaller infarct of 58.8 ± 4.8 mm3 (n = 15; p < 0.01) was found in E2F1−/− animals. Both deficient and normal mice had similar cerebral angioarchitecture and intra-ischemic decreases in regional blood flow. Similar areas of hypoxia in both groups of ischemic animals were demonstrated directly by immunohistochemical detection of nitroimidazole adducts. It was concluded that all animals received the same ischemic insult, yet the subsequent damage was different in the mutant mice. This is the first indication that the E2F1 gene plays a role in ischemic death of post-mitotic neurons.

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