Role of Cav2.3 (α1E) Ca2+ channel in ischemic neuronal injury

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We investigated the role of the Cav2.3 (α1E) channel in ischemic neuronal injury using Cav2.3 mutant mice. In focal ischemia model with a complete occlusion of the middle cerebral artery in vivo, infarct at 24 h was significantly larger in Cav2.3 mutant mice compared with that in wild-type controls. In vitro Ca2+ imaging studies using hippocampal slices revealed that oxygen-glucose deprivation induced a [Ca2+]i increase in the hippocampal CA1 region more vigorously in Cav2.3 mutant mice than in wild-type controls, and that tetrodotoxin or bicuculline application abolished the difference between the genotypes. These results suggest that the Cav2.3 channel plays a protective role in ischemic neuronal injury by a mechanism in which GABAergic neuronal actions are involved.

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