Orogenital sex and the transmission of HIV among homosexual men

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ObjectiveTo investigate the possibility of orogenital transmission of HIV.DesignCohort study on HIV infection among homosexual men.SettingThe Municipal Health Service, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.Patients, participantsHomosexual men for whom the date of HIV seroconversion was known (n = 102) were included in our study.Main outcome measuresData on the sexual behaviour of our subjects in the 6–9 months preceding HIV seroconversion were collected. In order to identify those men who consistently denied practising receptive anogenital intercourse, information was retreived from written questionnaires and from face-to-face interviews.ResultsReceptive anogenital intercourse in the 6–9 months before seroconversion was denied by 20 seroconverters in their written questionnaires. However, in face-to-face interviews, 11 men later reported this sexual practice.ConclusionsOrogenital transmission of HIV appears to occur, but its frequency may be overestimated because of reluctance to report the practice of receptive anogenital intercourse.

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