A dose comparison study of a new triazole antifungal (D0870) in HIV-positive patients with oral candidiasis

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Objective:This multicentre study evaluated the clinical efficacy and tolerability of D0870 in treating oropharyngeal candidiasis in HIV-positive patients who had no history of clinical resistance to fluconazole.Methods:Three regimens were evaluated in two phases. In phase I a 50 mg initial dose was followed by 10 mg for 4 days (Group 1). In phase II a 100 mg initial dose was followed by 25 mg for 4 days (Group 2), or 10 mg for 5 days (Group 3).Results:Clinical cure was obtained in 27 patients of a total of 35 (77%) and six other patients improved (17%). Two patients at the lowest dose failed and both had very low plasma concentration of D0870. No association was found between clinical outcome, minimum inhibitory concentration of D0870 pre-therapy for Candida albicans, maximum recorded plasma D0870 concentration, cfu of culture or CD4 cell count at entry. Overall, 37% of the patients experienced relapse during the 2 weeks post therapy. Tolerance was excellent. Mild adverse events possibly related to the study drug were recorded in five patients.Conclusion:D0870 demonstrates excellent efficacy at low doses in the treatment of HIV-related OPC and exhibits a favourable safety profile.

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