HIV suppression with stavudine 30 mg versus 40 mg in adults over 60 kg on antiretroviral therapy in South Africa

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In 2007, the WHO recommended a maximum stavudine dose of 30 mg. We compared virologic suppression among patients weighing more than 60 kg and receiving stavudine 30 mg (n = 110) versus 40 mg (n = 508) in community HIV clinics in South Africa, before and after guidelines changed. At 6 months, HIV RNA less than 400 copies/ml was achieved in 79% and 81% receiving 30 and 40 mg stavudine, respectively (χ2, P = 0.6). In regression modeling, including baseline HIV RNA and nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor agent, stavudine dose remained unassociated with suppression.

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