Excellent immunological recovery following CODOX-M/IVAC, an effective intensive chemotherapy for HIV-associated Burkitt's lymphoma

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Objective and design:To retrospectively describe the recovery of cellular immunity and the clinical outcome of 30 patients with HIV-associated Burkitt's lymphoma (HIV-BL), who were treated with the intensive chemotherapy CODOX-M/IVAC and HAART as part of their standard care.Patients and methods:Seventy-three percent of the patients had high-risk disease, defined by stage, performance status, extranodal sites and lactate dehydrogenase. The median CD4 cell count at diagnosis of HIV-BL was 171/ml (range: 4–848) and the plasma HIV viral load was undetectable in five of 29 patients.Results:Nine patients died during treatment (disease progression, three; toxicity, five; central nervous system lesion not biopsied, one). Response rate was 70% (complete response/complete response uncertain, 17; partial response, 4). After a median follow-up of 22 months (range: 6–72), 18 patients remain alive without disease progression. The 3-year overall survival and event-free survival were 52 and 75%, respectively. Viral load was undetectable in 88% and CD4 cell count more than 200/ml in 58% of patients assessed 6 months after completing chemotherapy, and in 87 and 80% at 12 months, respectively.Conclusion:The intensive regimen CODOX-M/IVAC, a feasible and effective chemotherapy, is associated with an excellent immunological recovery in patients with HIV-BL on HAART.

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