Quality of Life, Life Satisfaction, and Spirituality: Comparing Outcomes Between Rehabilitation and Cancer Patients

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Tate DG, Forchheimer M: Quality of life, life satisfaction, and spirituality: Comparing outcomes between rehabilitation and cancer patients. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2002;81:400–410.ObjectiveTo determine differences in quality of life, life satisfaction, and spirituality across different patient groups and to determine what factors may relate to these three outcomes across rehabilitation and cancer patients.DesignSubjects were first stratified by five diagnostic groupings. Patient data were then regrouped for additional analytic purposes into two large cohorts. All subjects completed questionnaires once. Differences in scores and correlations were computed, and regression models were specified.ResultsGroup differences were found across the quality of life measures used in the study. There were also differences in life satisfaction and spiritual well-being. Spirituality was found to be associated with both quality of life and life satisfaction, although it was not a significant predictor in a multivariate context.ConclusionsIn general, subjects with prostate cancer reported higher scores across all measures. Spirituality showed a strong association with both life satisfaction and quality of life, and it was a significant predictor of life satisfaction among rehabilitation subjects. Factors such as age, marital status, and work status, in addition to specific dimensions of quality of life, such as social functioning and functional well-being, were found to be associated with total quality of life.

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