Rehabilitation and Medical Management of the Adult with Spina Bifida

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Dicianno BE, Kurowski BG, Yang JMJ, Chancellor MB, Bejjani GK, Fairman AD, Lewis N, Sotirake J: Rehabilitation and medical management of the adult with spina bifida. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2008;87:1026–1050.

As the life expectancy of individuals with spina bifida increases, a lifelong need for management of many health issues in a rehabilitation setting has emerged in recent years. Physiatrists, in consultation with a variety of adult specialists, are particularly well suited to manage the common musculoskeletal, skin, bowel, bladder, renal, neurological, and other issues that arise in the adult population. This article reviews the last 20 yrs of literature pertinent to the rehabilitative care of this population, summarizes current evidence-based practice, and identifies key areas in which scientific evidence is lacking and future research is needed.

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