Morton neuroma and metatarsalgia

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Morton neuroma is most likely a mechanically-induced degenerative neuropathy that predilects the third common digital nerve in middle-aged women who frequently wear fashionable shoes that are not designed for the physiology of the foot. A compression test of the affected web space is quite specific for its diagnosis, and an ultrasonograph can tell its exact size. If conservative means fail to relieve the painful symptoms of a Morton neuroma, surgical removal can produce dramatic pain relief.Metatarsalgia means pain in the metatarsal head region, and exists in three general forms: metatarsalgia of the first metatarsal head region, metatarsalgia of the fourth lateral metatarsal head region, and generalized metatarsalgia. There are numerous causes of metatarsalgia; a selected and important group of causes is discussed in this article. When conservative means fail to relieve metatarsalgia, specific surgical operations are quite effective for relief of pain, and are briefly described in the text.

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