Lateral Tarsal Strip and Quickert Sutures for Lower Eyelid Entropion

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Purpose:To evaluate the long-term outcome of involutional entropion repair by means of a combined procedure of lateral tarsal strip and Quickert everting sutures.Methods:Noncomparative interventional case series of patients who underwent a combined procedure of lateral tarsal strip and Quickert sutures for treatment of involutional entropion between September 1999 and September 2002. Of 75 patients who underwent surgery, 36 were followed for at least 2 years. At the 2-year clinical examination, patient comfort, complications, recurrence rates, overcorrection, and cosmetic appearance were assessed.Results:The average age of the 36 patients was 76.67 years. There were 5 bilateral cases, for a total of 41 eyelids. Nine eyelids underwent the procedure to correct recurrent entropion. The recurrence rate was 0% at 1 month after surgery, 2 of 41(4.9%) at 6 months, and 5 of 41 (12.2%) at 2 years. The recurrence rate after a primary procedure was 3 of 32 (9.4%), and, after a failed previous procedure, 2 of 9 (22.2%). There were no cases of secondary ectropion, and all patients were happy with their cosmetic appearance.Conclusions:A combined lateral tarsal strip and Quickert sutures procedure is effective, simple, and addresses all of the factors that contribute to involutional entropion formation, with a good long-term success rate and cosmetic outcome.

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