Treatment of Trichiasis and Distichiasis by Eyelash Trephination

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To describe the methods and results of a new technique of eyelash trephination for treatment of trichiasis and distichiasis.


The medical records of all patients who underwent eyelash trephination by the authors to treat trichiasis or distichiasis were reviewed. Gender, diagnosis, number of eyelids treated, follow-up time, and surgical outcome were recorded. The technique involves boring of the affected lash follicle with a microtrephine, followed by removal of the follicle.


The procedure was performed on 41 eyelids of 26 patients (15 females and 11 males). Patients were followed for 6 to 51 months after surgery. No recurrence was observed in 16 patients (62%) during this period. There were no adverse effects of the therapy.


Eyelash trephination is a safe, quick, and effective method of treatment for trichiasis and distichiasis.

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