Ocular Ischemia and Ischemic Oculomotor Nerve Palsy After Vascular Embolization of Injectable Calcium Hydroxylapatite Filler

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A healthy 25-year-old man who received a calcium hydroxylapatite filler injection for nose augmentation by a dermatologist suddenly developed blepharoptosis and orbital pain on the right side, associated with progressive visual disturbance of the right eye. Patchy necrosis at the nose and glabella, limitations of extraocular movements, and anterior segment ischemia, as evidenced by conjunctival injection, chemosis, corneal edema, dilated pupil, hyphema, and hypopyon, were noted. Orbital CT demonstrated linear deposits of a similar density to bone in the right medial orbit and eyelid, suggestive of multiple emboli along the conjunctival vessels. A provisional diagnosis of ocular ischemia and ischemic oculomotor nerve palsy secondary to vascular embolization was made. After 3 months, visual acuity, all intraocular inflammation, oculomotor nerve palsy, and skin necrosis resolved completely except for a dilated pupil.

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