Extraabdominal Desmoid Tumor: A Study of 83 Cases

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One hundred three patients with extraabdominal desmoid tumor were treated between 1970 and 1996 at the authors' institution. Among these, 15 patients were lost to followup and five were excluded because they had less than 1-year followup. The remaining 83 patients were followed up for a mean of 11.2 years. Thirty-seven (44.6%) patients experienced local recurrence on average 1.8 years after treatment. There was no difference in the incidence of recurrence between the two groups treated with surgery only (45.3%) or with adjuvant radiation therapy administered after inadequate surgical resection of the tumor margins (41.2%). Recurrence was not related to age, gender, and site. None of the 83 patients died of the disease. For recurrent but stable lesions, clinical observation alone may be considered.

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