New Indications for Computer-Assisted Surgery: Tumor Resection in the Pelvis

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The resection of recurrent malignant pelvic tumors was supported by a commercially available navigation system in three patients. Preoperatively three-dimensional images from the pelvis were obtained by computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging to identify the tumor extension. During surgery navigated tools oriented the surgeon to excise the tumor with adequate virtual margins. Navigation was helpful for tumor identification in one patient with a recurrent presacral mesenchymal chondrosarcoma. In the other two patients the tumor resection in the bone was done with three-dimensional observation of the osteotomies in the sacrum. In all three patients the histopathologic analysis confirmed that the neoplasms were excised accurately within their margins. We think that computer-assisted surgery is a potential method to increase the accuracy of tumor resections.

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