Corneoscleral Melt After Pterygium Surgery Using a Single Intraoperative Application of Mitomycin-C

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A 59-year-old man underwent pterygium excision with intraoperative application of 0.2 mg/ml (0.02%) mitomycin-C placed on the scleral bed for 3 min. A sliding conjunctival flap was used to cover the exposed limbus and sclera. Five weeks after the original surgery, the patient had mild trauma and noted decreased vision. At that time, it was noted that he had a corneoscleral melt with perforation. The patient was managed with a lamellar transplant in this area. Intraoperative single-dose application of topical mitomycin-C can be associated with serious complications. This case occurred despite the fact that this patient received the lowest dose used in a series of 25 eyes using the same technique without any other complications. Although topical mitomycin-C is effective as an adjunct to pterygium surgery and may reduce recurrence, the safety and efficacy of various concentrations and dosing schedules need further definition.

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