Corneal Endothelial Cell Density and Morphology in Normal Filipino Eyes

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To describe the corneal endothelial cell density and morphology in normal adult Filipino eyes.


Specular microscopy was performed in 640 eyes of 320 normal Filipino volunteers aged 20 to 86 years. Of these, 163 were male, and 157 were female. Mean cell density (MCD), mean cell area (MCA), coefficient of variation (CV) in cell size (polymegathism), and hexagonality were recorded and analyzed in relation to fellow eyes, gender, and age.


MCD was 2798 ± 307.2 cells/mm2, and MCA was 363.0 ± 40.3 μm2. Results showed that women had a MCD 7.8% greater than men (P < 0.01). Regression analysis showed a consistent decrease in MCD (r = −0.47) and increase in MCA (r = 0.45) from 20 to 60 years of age. This was followed by a marked decrease in correlation and apparent trend reversal for both variables in the groups above 60 years (MCD r = 0.18, MCA r = −0.04) accompanied by a marked increase in CV in cell size (20–60 years r = −0.04, >60 years r = 0.33). A very low negative correlation (r = −0.10) was noted between hexagonality and increasing age through all age groups.


The first normative data for the endothelium of Filipino eyes are reported. There are statistically significant differences in MCD between genders, and a consistent decrease in MCD and increase in MCA with age only until 60 years old, after which correlation between age and these variables decreases. Polymegathism and correlation between CV in cell size and age markedly increase after age 60.

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