Adult respiratory distress syndrome: Hospital charges and outcome according to underlying disease

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We reviewed the hospital charges, underlying diagnoses, and hospital outcomes in 39 patients with adulrespiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) admitted to the respiratory ICU of a university hospital between July 1979 and June 1981. Charges per patient ranged from ±9263 to ±187,893 with a median of ±52,894. Median ICU charges were ±2430/day. Only 7 patients survived their hospitalization. Compared to nonsurvivors, survivors had longer ICU and hospital stays but lower daily ICU charges (±1683 vs. ±2760, p =.001). Only 1 of 27 patients with underlying hematologic/oncologic diseases survived, compared to 6 of 12 patients with other underlying diseases.

Charges and outcomes in this study reflect the underlying patient population and philosophy of care at the study institution. Considering the high costs and poor outcomes in ARDS patients with underlying hematologic/oncologic problems, we recommend that the appropriateness of aggressive treatment be reconsidered.

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