Cardiac output determinations in the pig—Thoracic electrical bioimpedance versus thermodilution

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The accuracy of transthoracic electrical bioimpedance (TEB) for continuous, noninvasive measurement of cardiac output (Qt) in pigs was assessed in comparison with the thermodilution (TD) technique. Using the TEB technique, the different thoracic habitus of the pig had to be corrected for. A good correlation with the TD technique was obtained (r = .87; p < .001; n = 86) using thoracic length value (the measured value plus 25%) in an NCCOM3-R6 cardiodynamic computer for Qt values ranging from 2.9 to 9.8 L/min in pigs weighing from 40 to 75 kg. However, the Qt values given by the NCCOM3 were systematically 11% to 15% higher over the full range of values than the average of NCCOM-3 and TD Qt values. On the basis of the good agreement in the present study between the TEB and TD techniques over a broad range of Qt values, we conclude that TEB offers a valuable continuous, noninvasive alternative to TD for Qt determinations in experimental porcine models. (Crit Care Med 1990; 18:995)

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