Longitudinal Changes in Hearing Aid Satisfaction and Usage in the Elderly Over a Period of One or Two Years After Hearing Aid Delivery

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ObjectiveThe objective of this study was to measure hearing aid satisfaction and usage for extended periods of time, up to 2 yr after hearing aid delivery, to determine whether longitudinal changes occur in the elderly for these outcome measures.DesignA longitudinal study of hearing aid satisfaction and usage was performed in a group comprised of 134 elderly hearing aid wearers with these outcome measures obtained at 1, 6, and 12 mo postfit. A total of 49 of the original 134 elderly returned 2 yr after hearing aid delivery to complete the satisfaction and usage measures again. Multiple self-report measures of hearing aid satisfaction and hearing aid usage were obtained at each follow-up session.ResultsMost between-interval comparisons of the various measures of satisfaction and usage failed to reveal significant changes over time. However, some significant changes were observed in both satisfaction and usage. When such changes occurred, they were always in a direction that suggested a decrease in satisfaction or usage over time. Correlations across various postfit interval pairs were found to be positive, statistically significant, and moderate to strong in strength for all measures of satisfaction and usage.ConclusionsAlthough there were slight declines in hearing aid usage and satisfaction over time, measures of hearing aid satisfaction obtained at 1 mo postfit and of hearing aid usage obtained at 6 mo postfit are generally stable for up to 2 yr after hearing aid delivery.

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