Hearing Threshold Levels at Age 70 Years (65–74 Years) in the Unscreened Older Adult Population of the United States, 1959–1962 and 1999–2006

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To provide hearing threshold percentiles from unscreened older adults for creating new Annex B reference standards.


Percentiles are calculated, and 95% confidence intervals for medians from two U.S. surveys are compared graphically.


Median thresholds are lower (better) in the 1999–2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for men across all frequencies except 1 kHz. Results for women are similar; however, there is more overlap in confidence intervals across frequencies.


The prevalence of hearing impairment in older adults, age 70 years (65–74 years), is lower in 1999–2006 compared with 1959–1962, consistent with our earlier findings for younger adults.

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