Randomized, controlled study on adjuvant immunochemotherapy with PSK® in curatively resected colorectal cancer

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A randomized, controlled trial of adjuvant immunochemotherapy with PSK®(Kureha Chemical Industry Co., Tokyo, Japan) in curatively resected colorectal cancer was studied in 35 institutions in the Kanagawa prefecture. From March 1985 to February 1987, 462 patients were registered. Four hundred forty-eight of those patients (97.0 percent) satisfied the eligibility criteria. The control group received mitomycin C intravenously on the day of and the day after surgery, followed by oral 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) administration for over six months. The PSK®group received PSK®orally for over three years, in addition to mitomycin C and 5-FU as in the control group. At the end of February 1990, the median follow-up time for this study was four years (range, three to five years). The disease-free survival curve and the survival curve of the PSK®group were better than those of the control group, and differences between the two groups were statistically significant (disease-free survival, P=0.013; survival, P=0.013). These results indicate that adjuvant immunochemotherapy with PSK®was beneficial for curatively resected colorectal cancer.

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