Giant Fecaloma With Idiopathic Sigmoid Megacolon: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

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Fecal impaction is a common condition, and “fecaloma” is an extreme variety of impaction. This is a report of a giant, solitary, and stubborn fecaloma not responding to nonoperative management. A surgical intervention for uncomplicated fecal impaction is rarely needed and reported in the literature.


A 39-year-old male patient with constipation presented with a firm, mobile, abdominal mass of six-months duration. Investigations revealed an isolated, giant fecaloma in a redundant sigmoid megacolon. After all the conservative measures were unsuccessful in evacuating the stubborn impaction, he was treated by sigmoid colectomy and primary anastomosis.


A timely surgical intervention in recalcitrant fecal impactions may prevent possible stercoral ulcer perforation with a high mortality.

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