Comparative Metabolism of Radionuclides in Mammals - IV. Retention of Silver-110m in the Mouse, Rat, Monkey, and Dog

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Radiosilver (110mAg) was administered to mice, rats, monkeys, and dogs by oral and intravenous routes and also intraperitoneally to mice and rats. Retention as a function of time was determined by periodic assay in 4 pi liquid scintillation detectors. The data were adequately described by exponential expressions. Ninety per cent or more of oral doses were not absorbed. In all routes of administration more than 90% of the silver excreted was in the feces. A parabolic relation between body weights and estimated equilibrium levels in small animals was extrapolated to man. From such estimates an MPCW value of 1.8 nCi/cm3 (when the whole body is the critical organ) was derived. The ICRP value of 0.3 nCi/cm3 for the lower large intestine is still the limiting value.

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