The suitability of the Sensory Profile for diagnosing sensory modulation dysfunctions in Chinese children

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The suitability of the Sensory Profile for Chinese children in Hong Kong was investigated. The parents of 584 children aged 3 to 10 years with typical development completed a validated Chinese version of the instrument. The percentages of children who never or seldom displayed 125 types of behavior were documented and compared with the US data published previously. While none of the 125 items of the Sensory Profile measured dysfunctions at the −2 SD level, 32% of the items did at the −1 SD level. When compared to the performance of children in the US, χ2 analyses revealed differences in 64.8% of the items. Occupational therapists should exercise caution when using the Sensory Profile on Hong Kong Chinese children. More investigation is required on the best means of evaluating sensory processing dysfunction in this group of children.

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