Effect of Bradykinin on Celiac and Superior Mesenteric Angiography

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The effect of bradykinin injected into the celiac and/or superior mesenteric arteries immediately prior to angiography has been studied in 24 patients. The dose used in adults varied between 5µg and 10µg. The injections caused no change in blood pressure in the 11 patients in whom it was monitored. Two patients had transient reactions attributed to the drug or subsequent contrast injection. The films in 19 of the patients were compared with an angiographic series performed before the drug injection. Passage of the contrast material through the arteries was markedly accelerated. The venous system was seen earlier and for a shorter period of time. The increased arterial flow led to a loss of peripheral arterial detail. The capillary phase was diminished in the splenic circulation but enhanced in the superior mesenteric circulation. Venous visualization was improved in only one of the celiac injections; however, in 14 of 15 superior mesenteric artery injections there was improved venous visualization. Venous collateral circulation and postoperative shunts were seen especially well. Fine venous radicals of the small bowel and right colon were demonstrated which were not seen prior to the drug. The marked enhancement of the superior mesenteric venous circulation is thought to be of special importance in portal hypertension.

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