Human Pharmacokinetics of Iohexol: A New Nonionic Contrast Medium

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The pharmacokinetics of iohexol, a new nonionic, water-soluble contrast medium, have been determined after intravenous injection in 20 healthy volunteers, at four different dose levels (125-500 mg I/kg). The apparent volume of distribution was 0.27 I/kg, indicating distribution in the extracellular water. The biologic half-life was 121 minutes, comparable with that of other intravascular contrast media. Iohexol was excreted completely unmetabolized in the urine, with a 100% recovery 24 hours after injection. A comparison of iohexol and chromium-51 (51Cr)-EDTA clearances indicates that iohexol is mainly excreted by glomerular filtration. The 51Cr-EDTA clearance was the same when injected separately and concomitantly with iohexol, indicating that glomerular filtration rate is not affected by iohexol. No dose dependency was observed in the investigated parameters t½α, t½β, Vd, ClT or ClR. Iohexol pharmacokinetics are in correspondance with previously reported data on intravascular contrast media.

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