Paget's Disease of the Skull and Facial Bones

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Hyperostosis of the facial bones caused by Paget's disease is rare and usually occurs after fifty years of age. When hyperostosis of this type is termed leontiasis ossea there is confusion as to the etiology. It is my belief that rather than using the term leontiasis ossea, a definite disease should be identified with the facial hyperostosis. The only reliable method of determining the etiology is biopsy and microscopic identification.Paget's disease of the facial bones has usually been treated symptomatically for the relief of pressure on vital structures. Since Paget's disease in other sites has responded to treatment, especially with combinations of estrogen and androgen and with corticosteroids, I believe hormone therapy of this type should at least be tried in an effort to relieve symptoms and to stop the seemingly uncontrollable bone growth.

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